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Founded in 1994, One Ten is formally known as One-Ten Souvenirs & Sport. It had been officially registered on 25th
of April 1994. Since then, we specialize in import and manufacturing a series of advertising premiums, promotional items and corporate gifts.

Our premium and corporate gifts mostly imported from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. However, few items from Singapore and Thailand also imported to meet our client's needs.

By times goes by, One-Ten Souvenirs & Sport have change to One Ten Souvenirs Sdn Bhd which are incorporated in
2001. Officially establish on 10th March 2001, One Ten are proud to mention that we are recognizable as one of the
listed importer and wholesaler until now.

Company Profile

Since incorporation in year 2001, One Ten are dignity informed that we manage to form a group of companies in the
name of Giftworld Souvenirs Trading, Gift World Souvenirs Sdn Bhd and Best Gift & Souvenirs Sport.

Giftworld Souvenirs Trading

Due to our valued customer request and support, we manage to open our first group of company at Klang Valley.
Giftworld Souvenirs Trading which established on July 2006, have grace our value customer life. We hope to get the continuous business relation with our value customer.

Gift World Souvenirs Sdn Bhd

Gift World Souvenirs Sdn Bhd had registered on 6th September 2006; this second group of company is open to ease
our customer convenience. Based at Chan Sow Lin area, Gift World also takes their own order direct from China.

Best Gift & Souvenirs Sport

Registered on 10th July 2008, Best Gift & Souvenirs Sport which is also based at Ampang is the third group of company listed. Due to our company expansion, we have decided to open Best Gift to focus on our promotional bag,
t-shirt, uniform, cap towel and many more. Most of the products are customize or make to order which meet our customer requirement and expectation.

Commitment Towards Client - For the past 15 years, we have had the great pleasure of expanding our premium gift
that shows our achievement towards our customers.

Our Business

We are the key player as an importer and wholesaler. Our company provides a comprehensive range of products
but our values is honesty focus to customer first.

We source specialist products from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Therefore, we are able to provide a wide range
of selective premium gifts, whether it is for personal friends or business associated. Right now, we have expanding our business whereby we supply to other premium gifts distributors in Singapore.

Besides importing premium products, we also help to design and make to order gifts which meet our clients need
and want. We do printing service as well to make it easy to our customer for their promotional items and corporate gifts.

Thousands of variety corporate gifts are available in our showroom. All agents are most welcomed to visit our showroom.